The Great British Tie Club

Here at Wrexham Club Ties, we produce neckwear suitable for all occasions, whether it be work, school, fashion or wedding, we have it all. We have a wide range of fabrics in stock, but as we make the ties we sell, you can have virtually anything you might need. If you need something special, why not give us a call!

We produce a wide variety of ties, clip on ties, bows and cummerbunds for military regiments, all made in the UK.

For the Office

Lots of people wear ties to the office or in their workplace. Choosing the right tie portrays professionalism and authority.

For the Security Team

Be Uniform ready in a snap! These clip on ties are easily clipped on and come away with a pull, simple and safe – this is why these ties are perfect for security work. Don’t like black? No problem! There are plenty of other colours available. Optional epaulettes are also available.

For the Wedding

Getting married? Going to a wedding? We have got you covered! We have a wide range of ties available which are perfect for tying the knot!

Liverpool FC Style Football Tie
Liverpool FC Style Football Tie

For the Team Player

A wide range of standard school ties, available to buy right now. Buy as many as you like, we will have it made and posted same day where possible!

”The humble school tie, for much of us, these are our introduction in to wearing ties…”

The formality of the school tie, for uniformity and conformity. The school tie gives its wearer their identity of being a part of the school they are enrolled in, giving the wearer a mark of belonging, a mark of pride.

We take pride in our manufacture of the the school ties we produce. Our ties are entirely bias cut, so they are more comfortable to wear and produce a better, neater knot. Bias cut ties feel like they have a bit of stretch to them. Those that are not bias cut feel like rope when they are being pulled – there is no give at all.

We make Club Ties. Its in the name.

We manufacture ties, clip on ties bow ties, cravats, and cummerbunds. If you need something special, we are the team who can produce it for you. Whether it be a Masonic Lodge, Premiership Team or even a University Hockey Team, we can provide you with the ties you require.